2 Phase Lenticular Flip Effect

The 2 phase flip effect creates a quick transition between two images. Upon moving the object in which the lenticular lens is printed in, a one image will fade and be replaced entirely by the second selected image.

The flip image is good for showing two drastically contrasted in images which makes the effect ideal for showing cause and effect or before and after imaging. When choosing this form of lenticular printing, it is better to select only two images in order to maintain a strong contrast between them. The fewer frames or images that are printed on the lenticular lens, the smoother and sharper the transition between them will be.

The lenticular flip is one of the most inexpensive and widely used forms of lenticular printing. It's a classic rendition of this technology. The simplicity of needing only two images that need not have any relationship whatsoever makes the flip effect inexpensive while still effective for grabbing attention. The representation of change that this form of lenticular printing also has the potential to make a message stand out on whichever object the lens is imprinted upon.

TIP: To maintain sharp contrast between the elements, limit the flip to only two images. The most dramatic visual presentation will result with fewer frames. In flip animation, less is definitely more.