Lenticular Full Motion Animation

Lenticular full motion lenses are the most complex and can create a short movie clip. The effect gives the lenticular art the illusion of actually moving through the selection of video frames or a combination of still images. The effect perfectly depicts movement or mechanical action which is a great tool in advertising exactly how a product is designed to work.

The effects can include a full range of motion including rotating on an axis, moving in one or more directions, or a combination of the two. The lenticular lens is produced through a complex blending of still images or video effects which can absolutely captivate viewers and give a two dimensional image a lifelike appearance. The best full motion animation lenticular lenses are designed with horizontal lines in order to clarify the appearance and ensure that the image is not distorted or fuzzy. It is best to pick a focal point for the image so that the lenticular lens is tailored for a specific viewing distance.

The full motion lenticular printing can be an effective promotion for virtually any item due to its visually appealing nature, but try not to make it too complex. Although lenticular image printing technology is advanced, the fact is that the animation is still comprised of two dimensional images. Full motion animation lenticular lenses are also better viewed on larger objects in order to maximize effect and ensure that the images aren't blurry and difficult to see.

TIP: While all master video formats can be used, digital betacam is the best source material to ensure high-quality motion.