The Benefits of Lenticular Cups

Lenticular cups are great for advertising, concessions, corporate events, parties, and any other occasion that calls for promotional drinkware. Great for cutting through the congestion of boring advertisements, a lenticular cup gives your company the luxury of creating a promotion that is both practical and visually stunning. Lenticular printing has made its way to virtually every form of promotional piece and product packaging; here is a guide to lenticular cups as a promotional item.

By interlacing two or more images, lenticular printing allows for dynamic effects to be imprinted on everyday items for a greater visual appeal. The process begins with slicing the multiple images and using special software is then combined into one lenticular image. The user can then choose from many effects including a 3d, morph, flip image, zoom, and animation for the desired visual effect.

The durable lenticular cups allow for a lasting promotion that will not fade over years of use and abuse. Available in various quantities for the lowest prices in the industry, no longer do promotional items need to be replaced constantly. With only 1-3 weeks of image planning and a few days of shipping, your company can have your logo or any set of images blended to catch customers' eyes in ways unlike you've ever experienced.

What has been around for decades has finally enjoyed the technological advances necessary for making it one of the leading forms of promotion in the industry. Simply choose two images or work with graphic designers for the perfect promotional piece unique to your company's needs.

Simply prepare artwork and conceptual ideas and we will work with you to create the best image to be implemented into your visually stunning lenticular cups. Create a promotion that is sure to grab customer attention and keep them coming back. Be a part of the new wave of creative promotional advertising and get a cut above the competition.