3d Lenticular Posters For Marketing

Popularized in the 1940s and the 1980s, lenticular printing is not a new phenomenon. Placed on everything from boxes of Cheerios, to albums, to 3d lenticular posters, the visual appeal of these types of images is undeniable. By creating an advertisement on a 3d lenticular poster, you are guaranteeing an item that will draw the eyes of passersby. Increase your customer base and retention while driving profits with one sound promotional advertisement. Lenticular movie posters have graced the theaters for years and continue to effectively draw attention.

The main problem with effective advertising is the lack of attention that draws from consumers. Most people are bombarded with so many advertisements in their daily life that they've learned to tune them out altogether. No advertising campaign will be successful if nobody receives the message. A visually stunning 3d lenticular poster has a slim chance of being passed by without a second glance. Increase the exposure of your business promotion by maximizing its initial appeal. The hardest part of advertising is the first introduction to the apathetic consumer.

Two or more images can be combined to create effects including flip, 3D, zoom, and morph making the customization options of your 3D lenticular poster limitless. Movie posters, business posters, or custom print jobs are all available for any promotion or occasion. The art popularized decades ago has re-emerged as one of the most effective promotional methods in the industry. Advances in printing technology offer a 3D lenticular poster that looks more realistic than ever. Catch the attention of tough to please customers and send them a message that they are sure to receive.

Put your creative advertising campaign to the test and watch the profits soar. If you're having trouble conceptualizing a design, leave it to our graphic designers on staff to design a blended image that is sure to slice through the advertising clutter present in the competitive marketing industry. Your company cannot afford another ineffective advertisement that is unseen by consumers. Past years have proven that no matter the timeframe, 3D lenticular posters get results.