Lowest minimum in the industry! Lowest prices too! Available as a...

  • Flip Image Business Card, or
  • Magnet Flip Image Business Card

They're easy to order! Simply submit two images. It can be a photo, a drawing, a logo, emblem... you name it! Your business card will flip from one image to the other... and back again.

Flip Image Business Cards Front are two flip images. You may follow our standard layout shown or submit images and copy for a total custom card. Back is unprinted with white lamination.


Front is two flip images. You may follow our standard layout shown (top right of this page) Note: See p.61 for a selection of stock library images. Or submit images and copy for a total custom card. Back is blank with magnetic backing.

Lenticular Flip Image Business Card Lenticular Magnet Business Card

Product Details

Finished Size: 2" x 3-1/2"
Magnet: 18 mil. 75 lpi lens, plus magnet backing (12 mil.)
Final Thickness: 30 mil.
Imprint: Prices include logo artwork and/or typesetting up to 10 lines of copy.

Product Details

Finished Size: 2" x 3-1/2"
Standard: 18 mil. 75 lpi lens w/laminated back.
Final Thickness: 21 mil.
Imprint:Prices include logo artwork and/or typesetting up to 10 lines of copy.

Create your own 3d business cards and lenticular business cards with Lenticular Image Printing. Your business card is an indication of who you are in the business world, you identification card in the world of commerce. Sharp hologram business cards make sure that you become the person known for having a premium, high quality business card rather than the person whose business ID looks unprofessional if not amateur.

Whether we want to admit it or not, appearance of everything surrounding us is a factor. Having a 3d business card which flips from your company logo to a suave picture of yourself will undoubtedly draw attention and make people remember your cool business card, and in turn remembering your business. In order to cut through the clutter and the pinochle deck of business cards that people accumulate over their lives, it is wise to invest in lenticular business cards in order to create a lasting impression. Having the best lenticular cards designed is an inexpensive way to make sure that everyone noticed your unique business cards and hangs on to them.

Each set of 3d business cards are imprinted with your custom logo as well as your custom supplied image. If you don't have time to take pictures for your holographic business cards, there are many stock images available to you at no extra charge. Be the person who is seen as someone with style who pays attention to detail. A creative business card can say everything about yourself and your business without using words. Use eye catching holographic business cards to give a figurative or literal beckoning for customers and clients to remember you and your business.

Custom business card magnets are also available for you to hang out to clients as a practical means of advertising yourself and business. Create a visually appealing lenticular business card magnet for the lasting impression that clients are unlikely to lose. Be there giving a holographic wink and a nod to potential clients or use a creative transition of your logo in order to make it resonate within customers for longer periods of time.

Lenticular business cards increase business and drive revenue in many diverse ways. 3d business cards also are an inexpensive and creative way to brand your business and help ensure that your face or logo will be remembered above business cards which have nothing more to offer than a boring white on black format and a potential place to write something down. Make your business card a visually stimulating piece of artwork or a practical magnet with lenticular printing in order to increase the likeliness of people remembering your face and company. For the best business card designs let Lenticular Image Printing make sure that the picture on your business card is far superior to the one on your driver's license.