You can't miss these cool fridge magnets! Available in bulk quantity and affordable prices. Each 3d refrigerator magnet has two lenticular images. As you walk past it, the magnet flips from one image to a totally different image - and back again. Choose from 3 stock designs or submit your own custom design.
Custom magnet sizes available.

Lenticular Magnet


Actual Size: 2-7/8" wide x 4" high
Material: 18 mil. 75 lpi lens, plus magnet material (12 mil.)
Imprint Area: 2-1/4" wide x 7/8" high
Imprint: Prices include logo artwork and/or typesetting up to 4 lines of copy.

Custom Flip Image

To Order a Custom Flip image...

Simply submit two images and we'll do the rest.
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Give your customers a gift they can use by offering cool 3d fridge magnets with your flip image logo. A refrigerator magnet comes in handy to the large majority of people who choose to use them. A lenticular magnet is a fun way ensure that people give your company a second look, literally. Consider lenticular printing when you buy 3d magnets.

Children and adults alike are amused by novelty illusions which holographic magnets provide. Lenticular images are perfectly suited for promotional advertising and have been used as such since their conception. Personalized refrigerator magnets have grown more affordable as printing technology advances rapidly, so lenticular magnets have a great cost advantage associated with them. Since many advertisers are unaware of the benefits that go along with these cool 3d magnets, many do not use them, which opens the door to an affordable approach to a unique marketing opportunity.

Finding a cool fridge magnet is nearly impossible unless you actively seek it. A lenticular magnet will create a great impression and also make the overall experience more fun and enjoyable. Holographic images tend to create a unique experience when they are distributed, which contrasts the dull, monotonous, process usually eluded by the experience. They are also less likely to be put in the trash and more likely put to good use as a refrigerator magnet.

It is agreed by advertising experts worldwide that the human mind can be imprinted with subconscious thoughts by simple repetition. This is the biggest reason large companies spend a lot of money on their marketing plans. Think about how many times your average client glances towards his or her refrigerator. For many businesses, hologram magnets can be means to bringing in a lot more money.

Fun can be found in some of the simplest forms of novelty. Whether a parent shows the image to a child or vice versa, lenticular magnets can suggest your company to a large variety of people when they are open and acceptable to your advertisement. Making an impression while your audience is experiencing favorable emotions is a great way to present your business and can be accomplished easily with 3d refrigerator magnets. Contact Lenticular Image Printing to order these fun filled magnets at a cool rate.