Lenticular Morphing Effect

The concept of lenticular morph animation best illustrates products that induce change or undergo change. By blending two pieces of lenticular art, the object tricks the eyes into seeing objects shape shifting into different objects.

The best way to go about creating a morph animation lenticular lens is to choose images that have similar properties. The morph animation is most effective when the change is not only believable, but has a smooth transition. Using images with properties too much unalike will result in one image to appear faintly over the other and create what is called ghosting.

Morph animation lenticular printing is another complex form of lenticular image printing and should only be used with 3 or more images. The process is slightly more complicated than the simple flip image which just shows a before and after type of effect. The morph animation lenticular lens has these elements but includes sort of an in-between image in order to visualize the change more fluidly.

As with full motion animation lenticular lenses, morph animation lenses are better viewed on larger objects in order to view the subtlety involved with seamless change.

TIP: It is important that the images are of a similar shape and color density. Elements that are not similar enough can cause one image to appear faintly over the other (known as "ghosting") when only one image should be seen.